What is Life?

Why We Should Cherish Life

What does it mean to cherish? What is life? What does it mean to be unborn?

According to Webster’s New World College Dictionary, cherish means to hold dear; to feel or show love for; to take good care of; protect; foster. Life is a living being, especially a human being. Unborn means still within the mother’s uterus; not yet delivered.

It seems like a no brainer, that every human life should be cherished. After all, we live in the 21st century, the most advanced, cultured and civilized society ever.

But we have been misled.

Early in 20th century America, Margaret Sanger and like-minded individuals set out to rid the world of “inferior” human groups and keep the population under control. They sought to arm women with reproductive rights, even if it meant destroying innocent life. However, this philosophy was NOT shared by Susan B. Anthony and the earliest crusaders for women’s rights. It was a very sad day in history when abortion became legal in the United States on January 22, 1973.

Little by little, many have been deceived. They have been made to believe that abortion is no big deal. That an unborn child is nothing more than a clump of cells, a mass of tissue that cannot yet be classified as a human being. This deception has allowed the abortion industry, the leader being Planned Parenthood, to make BILLIONS of dollars a year worldwide.

Does this cause a rise in you? Join the club! Together we have to stop this madness once and for all time. We need to come together as civilized human beings and stand up for truth and life. Spend an hour or two outside of an abortion clinic and see if you are not moved to help these moms and babies. Remember, if we don’t stand for something we’ll fall for anything!

Regardless of your religious convictions or lack thereof, we must cherish, we must protect, we must value the unborn children of our world. It’s what good and caring people do. We are all connected. The human race is one big family. Remember how you felt when you saw the devastation on 9/11? Or hurricane Katrina? The tsumani in Indonesia? Or the earthquake in Haiti? Do you remember how you wanted to make a difference in the lives of people you didn’t even know? Well you can make a difference in the lives of the unborn and their mothers right in your own town. You won’t see any ongoing television coverage about their plight, but it is as sad as anything you have ever seen.

If you turn away at this point and do nothing, you allow the scourge of abortion to continue. Don’t be silent. Commit yourself to take a stand for life EVERY day. You wouldn’t hesitate to protect a little tree from being trampled, or a puppy or kitten from being bludgeoned to death, right? Why is it that the same tender love and care is too often denied our unborn children?
Is it because they are not readily visible to the human eye? And they are temporarily dependent on a mother with whom we are afraid to ‘interfere?’

Let us abandon the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality. Let us always be aware of the plight of our smallest brothers and sisters. Let us utilize the resources listed here so that young women will know there is a better way than abortion to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Then hopefully, sooner than later, no more innocent lives will be lost, and no more women and men will have to endure great regrets.