Placing a baby up for adoption can be a very hard thing for a woman to do. But it is the most loving and courageous choice you can make if you feel you're not ready to be a parent right now. Check out some of these resources.

Adoption Network Law Center is a well respected, professional law corporation providing free quality adoption services to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

They help women all across America solve their unplanned pregnancy problems and help them find the perfect families for their unborn children. They offer the numerous support services and aide to women considering placing their baby for adoption FREE OF CHARGE.

The goal of pregnancy counseling at Bethany Christian Services is to ensure that every client facing an unplanned pregnancy receives accurate and complete information about her options and those for her child. They want every client to make a fully informed decision that is the best one for the expectant parents and their children.

There are no fees to you for pregnancy counseling services. There are no hidden costs. They are there to listen and provide help and guidance. They can also help you with medical and living expenses.

They will meet you where it's convenient for you, whether in your home, in the community, or in their office.

If there are services you need that Bethany does not provide, they will make a referral to trusted partners in the community to help you with a wide range of needs, from prenatal care to government assistance.

Bethany Christian Services has been assisting women with unplanned pregnancies for more than 60 years and has served more than 65,000 women. We have more than 75 locations throughout the U.S.

Catholic Adoption Online is the #1 place for women seeking Catholic families to adopt their children, or women of any faith who are looking for compassionate, non-judgmental help with an unplanned pregnancy.

With Over 22 Years of Building Families and Helping Women, they can help you, no matter the situation you are in. They have helped women from all walks of life, in all sorts of situations. They are available 24/7.

Adoption help for pregnant women and parents hoping to adopt.

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