Real Life Stories


Lives are being touched every day, unborn babies are being saved. These are the real life stories of women who have chosen life for their baby. May we be blessed by their courage, faith and candor.

Please feel free to share your own stories as well.


cherish-liferSheila said...

This post is from Sara S.

Hi! My name is Sara S. I wanted to share why I decided to choose life. I believe that God always has a reason for why things happen the way that they do. I also believe that when you are blessed with being able to have a child, there is truly a purpose for you and that baby. And considering that some women can't have children, I think it's important that we don't abuse the gift that God has given us.
(Sara gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on July 19, 2010! She is an awesome mom).

cherish-liferSheila said...

Elvia shared the story of why she chose life for her son.

ELVIA can’t remember why she initially decided to choose abortion, other than concern over how she would care for her child without commitment from the father of the child.
On her first visit to the clinic, they could not perform the abortion because her iron level was too low. She took iron pills and returned two weeks later. SHE VERY TEARFULLY RECALLED THAT SECOND VISIT TO THE ABORTION CLINIC AND SAID IT WAS A VERY CONFUSING TIME FOR HER. ELVIA SAID SHE CANNOT BEGIN TO IMAGINE HER LIFE WITHOUT ISAAC AND THAT MARIA STOPPED HER “FROM MAKING A BIG MISTAKE.” She said that the father of her son comes around once in a while but isn’t so interested in helping out. She hopes that this will change as she really wants Isaac to know his father.